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Prank tweet from Rawle Alkins' account creates several minutes of confusion and entertainment

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

If a friend grabs your phone and, say, tweets out something wacky from your account, for most of us, nobody's gonna notice. If you're a five-star high school basketball prospect, though? Different story. This tweet was sent from Alkins' account on Friday:


A commitment to Buffalo?! Smells fishy, right? Buffalo hasn't been on his radar. Still, some folks took this as the truth--in fairness, this DID come straight from Alkins account--and for a few minutes all hell done broke loose. But it's always telling in these situations when there is little or no reaction from the recruiting experts, and on this there was near-silence. Notice how Zagoria worded this tweet, for instance.

[cut to like three minutes later]

(Julius, as you probably know, is now on the staff at Buffalo. He knew what was up immediately.)

Careful not to be too quick with those recruiting articles, kids!