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Three-star wing Shaun Kirk commits to NC State

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

NC State picked up a commitment on Monday night from in-state wing player Shaun Kirk, who chose the Wolfpack over offers from VCU, Cal, Baylor, and Auburn. Kirk's addition came shortly after five-star wing Brandon Ingram chose Duke.

Kirk is listed at 6-7 and 185 pounds--he looks like he could step into a role similar to one of the Martin twins, and the dude definitely has athleticism to spare. Watch the dunks. So many dunks.

So, so many dunks. Give me a lineup with the Martins, Kirk, and Abu, and let's just dunk the hell out of everyone until they are dead.

Here are some highlights of Kirk playing a more conventional, regrettably dunk-free style of basketball. His release on jumpers looks a little funky and obviously he could stand to add some weight, but the tools on display are impressive.

With Kirk's addition, NC State is likely looking only for another guard to round out the rotation for next season.