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NC State interested in Florida transfer Eli Carter; Andrew Rowsey cancels visit

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

As the transfer market turns! UNC-Asheville transfer Andrew Rowsey was supposed to visit NC State on Thursday, but that trip has been canceled. Rowsey also canceled a visit he was supposed to make to Tennessee last week. No tellin' what's going on there.

Elsewhere, NC State is one of several schools to reach out to Florida transfer Eli Carter, per Adam Zagoria of SNY. Carter is a grad transfer eligible to contribute immediately, while Rowsey is an undergrad who'll sit out next season. So the recruitment of one has absolutely not impact on the other; there's no overlap. Carter could be the third guard State needs for 2015-16, while Rowsey would step into a primary role the following season.

Carter has been something of a college basketball vagabond, beginning his career at Rutgers before transferring to Florida and now moving on to parts unknown. He missed the bulk of the 2013-14 season because of injury. Alligator Army has a good summary of his time spent in Gainesville. One quick correction though:

Carter also recorded an impressively awful Offensive Rating of 20 — meaning that Florida scored 0.2 points per possession with him on the floor — against Connecticut, in the Gators' final non-conference game of the year.

That's not at all what that means. Individual offensive ratings are fundamentally similar to team offensive ratings, but the distinction is important: at the team level, you have total points scored divided by total possessions to get offensive rating. On the individual level, it's individual production divided by the number of possessions used by that player. It's a snapshot of the player's performance, not the team's.

Anyway, the more important point in that--Carter's inefficiency--is important. He simply hasn't been very good: for his career he's shooting 43.7% inside the arc and 32.2% from three, and he's been turnover prone.

With that said, he'd work just fine as an extra piece in the backcourt for NC State. The Pack needs the support there, and part of Carter's problem has been his tendency toward high usage. With State, he would probably occupy more of a secondary role, which could boost his effectiveness. (If he's amenable to the change in role, that is.)