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NC State basketball recruiting: Pack still after Brandon Ingram and Malik Newman

Brandon Ingram
Brandon Ingram
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Now that NC State's season is complete, attention turns to what remains of the 2015 recruiting process. The Wolfpack has been working hard to recruit a pair of five-star prospects in small forward Brandon Ingram and combo guard Malik Newman, both of whom are McDonald's All-Americans.

Ingram's been waiting for the end of the college basketball season to make a choice between State, Duke, UNC, UCLA, Kansas, and Kentucky. He's taken advantage of his proximity to the triangle schools by making multiple visits to each of them. A decision is expected from Ingram this month, according to his high school coach.

Newman is a Mississippi native and a Mississippi State legacy, though given the current state of that program [insert photo of dumpster on fire], the Bulldogs' chances may not be so good. Both LSU and Kentucky are also in the mix for Newman, so it'll be tough to yoink him out of SEC country.

In a recent interview with Scout's Evan Daniels, Newman had this to say about NCSU:

They are in the ACC so in my opinion I think it's one of the best conferences in all of college. They have a good team and they'll be almost all sophomore and juniors next year. They'll have a good team. They made it to the sweet 16. They made it that far. They've been through the wars. That's a place I could come in and be myself and have pieces around me. I wouldn't have to worry about double teams night in and night out.

You can get a sense from those remarks what NC State's coaching staff is selling him. It's a pretty good pitch. We'll see if it's good enough.