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Four-star small forward Maverick Rowan reclassifying to 2015; NC State in the mix

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

College basketball recruiting is a strange thing, perhaps no more strange than when there's a kid involved who is reclassifying. Maverick Rowan is the latest to take advantage of that questionable opportunity, since he's decided that he's going to be a 2015 kid rather than a 2016 kid.

That's just a thing you can do by meeting certain modest prerequisites, and if that feels a little fishy to you, welcome to the club. Rowan is already ancient by high school standards--he's almost 19--which makes the situation all the more curious.

As of two months ago, Rowan's attempt at reclassification wasn't "going too well." He protested loudly then that the high school to which he transferred in Florida was not being accommodating. It is possible they weren't accommodating because they actually believe in academic integrity, but we'll never know. Rowan was at one point a Pittsburgh commit, but reneged after his family moved from Pennsylvania to Florida.

Now Rowan is one of the most coveted prospects on the market, with the advantage that it's so late in the 2015 process, there's little else out there. Assuming his reclassification goes through without trouble--and it will, because this is how basketball recruiting works--he'll have his pick. NC State is one of the schools on his list, but along with everybody else probably a secondary choice to Louisville.

Playing time is going to be the biggest factor in his college choice.

"I'm not going to go to a place where I'm not going to play right away," he said, "and that's just the bottom line."

That right there is all I needed to know.