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Georgios Papagiannis expected to make a decision this week

Francois Nel/Getty Images

The Summer of Big Papa G appears near a conclusion. Seven-foot Greek center Georgios Papagiannis is weighing he options now that the FIBA U19 tournament is finished, and he's likely to make a decision this week, according to Sports Illustrated's Luke Winn.

First he has to decide whether or not he wants to stay in Greece; if he does decide on college, he'll be headed to NC State, Oregon, or St. John's. One of Papagiannis' teammates on the Greek team is an Oregon signee, and maybe that makes the Ducks frontrunners. It's been a difficult situation to read. We know Papagiannis' dad wants him to play in college, but that's about it.

A report from a couple weeks back indicated he might take visits to schools, but that's not likely to happen since it appears Papagiannis wants to get this done quickly. Which is fine by me because having all this basketball recruiting suspense in July is weird and I would like it to stop.