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NC State makes the cut for five-star 2016 point guard De'Aaron Fox

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

De'Aaron Fox, a consensus top-10 player in the 2016 recruiting class, is down to seven schools: NC State, UNC, Kentucky, Kansas, LSU, Arizona, and Louisville. Fox is a 6'4 point guard from Texas with some seriously explosive ability.

NC State has some ground (maybe a lot) to make up in his recruitment, since it seems Kentucky is in the lead, and Kansas may not be far behind. Those are the two schools he says he definitely will visit, but he's yet to set anything up at this point.

As for his interest in NC State, here is part of what he told Scout's Evan Daniels:

"I really just wanted to give them a chance, being out there and being in a tough conference like the ACC. I've talked to Dennis [Smith] and Bam [Adebayo] a lot and everyone knows they are high on their list. There's potential to play with those guys. I just want to test the waters with that."

There's some good and some bad here. First off, "I really just wanted to give them a chance" is not the first thing you want to hear when a prospect is talking about your school. What are we to you, De'Aaron, a pity-finalist? Is that it?! /runs into bedroom, slams door, sobs

But he's also intrigued with the idea of potentially playing with Dennis Smith and Bam Adebayo, which is probably why State's made it this far. You never know with this stuff; maybe commitments from Smith and Bam could alter the picture for Fox heading into the spring.