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Colorado State transfer John Gillon interested in NC State

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Roll on, transfer wire, roll on.

John Gillon is a guard listed at 6'0 and 168 pounds. He averaged a little over 13 points per game for Colorado State last season. Gillon is a graduate transfer, as Jeff Borzello mentions in his tweet, and can play right away. He is not a tall person, as I just noted a couple sentences back. I'm sorry.

Gillon started his career at Arkansas-Little Rock before transferring to Colorado State. Throughout his career, he's been an above-average distributor, an excellent free throw shooter, and a reliable three-point shooter.

Maybe most importantly, at least where NC State is concerned: he's not a shoot-first guy. The Wolfpack should get plenty of offense from its existing backcourt, so the best fit is somebody who can fill more of a support role. Gillon's profile makes him an ideal candidate, but of course the question is always playing time. He got plenty at Colorado State. Not many kids are trying to level up in college hoops without that in mind.

The dude's a good jump shooter who gets to the line a ton and makes free throws at an 84-percent clip, and he isn't going to dominate the offense in the process. Safe to say he can fill in a few gaps on this team. The hard part is convincing a guy like this to accept a secondary role.