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Markell Johnson taking official visit to NC State on Wednesday

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Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State is set to host 2016/2017 guard Markell Johnson for an official visit beginning Wednesday, according to Pack Pride. Johnson, who is probably going to end up re-classifying into the 2016 class, is a consensus four-star recruit and an interesting potential complement to Dennis Smith.

Markell Johnson might not be an immediate impact player--he might, though, who knows!--but in any case he'd help considerably for 2017 and beyond. Dynamic scorer, good distributor.

NC State's roster situation is completely scrambled following the 2016-17 season, which is a delightful fun in a sort of welllllllllllllll kind of way, but also there is opportunity. By which I mean there is a lot of playing time to be grabbed, and there are a lot of talented players who could fill in the gaps.

That's what State is selling Johnson, along with patience. There's a pretty good chance that he'd factor in significantly with the Pack's 2018 backcourt. Never can tell with these things, though.