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4-star wing Saddiq Bey commits to NC State

Welcome to the party

NCAA Basketball: ACC Media Day Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Saddiq Bey is the newest member of Kevin Keatts’ first recruiting class after committing to the Pack on Thursday night. Bey is the 83rd ranked player in the country on 247 and a consensus four-star prospect. He is a small forward who will play the 2-4 spots in Raleigh.

Bey was thought of as a lock to head to Miami before the FBI decided they would open the can of worms that is recruiting in the basketball world. He then narrowed it down to Xavier and the Pack, before picking State.

My sources (class calculator on 247) tell me State now has the 12th ranked recruiting class in the country, which is good, but will go down from here. It’s obviously an excellent start for a coach who hasn’t even coached a game, and has three other players already on the team who will make their Pack debuts next year. I would guess our recruiting class will finish up around 25th in the spring, when all is said and done.

Keatts has filled up all of the open scholarships- for now. At this point, I’m not going to speculate on the roster and who might leave. Obviously, Omer is the most likely to go, but that’s six months away so we’ll let the season play out first. Assuming at least one player leaves, Derek Funderburk is a tall basketball guy to keep an eye on. He left Ohio State after redshirting because of grades, and is now at a JUCO. He officially visited State last weekend, but now there’s obviously no room so we’ll see what happens in the spring.

Keldon Johnson is a guy I’ve talked about before but it appears we have been eliminated. If this is true, it’s not a surprise because it was always a long shot with him, and it seems that he told our staff he’s going to head elsewhere. I believe that was the holdup with Bey’s commitment, but that’s my personal opinion, not something I’ve heard.

One thing I wanted to point out about Keatts is that he has a plan. He found six guys who fit his style of play, three big guys and three wings. He honed in on these six guys and got 4 of them before the season even started. This is quite the contrast to what we’ve seen in the past, and I like it. I also like recruiting against mid-majors like Xavier and Creighton because those teams are annual tournament teams, without signing high four and five-star recruits. These teams are successful for a reason, and I don’t mind copying their recruiting recipe.

Some football recruiting notes:

  • Alim McNeill changed his announcement date again. He is announcing Saturday at 10 AM. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he’s the most important remaining target for Doeren. All signs are pointing to the Pack, as they have the whole time.
  • Payton Wilson tore his ACL last week, which is brutal for the kid. Hopefully he has a full recovery, wherever he decides to go to school. As for his decision, he is officially visiting State this week and also will visit Notre Dame in a couple weeks. The thought is that he will stay close to home (Orange County), if he decommits from Chapel Hill. State did get another crystal ball prediction from the Duke 247 guy.
  • Keshon Artis was one of our top linebacker targets who was supposed to be visiting this weekend, but that was canceled and Artis’ tweeted that it wasn’t his decision. I think Artis was ours if we wanted him, but if Artis’ tweet is true, then we pulled the plug, which makes you think we have a really, really good shot at Wilson. Our options are dwindling and it makes me wonder if we may only take one LB, instead of 2 which is what I assumed after Riley Nicholson’s retirement.
  • Jovaughn Gwyn is our top o-line target. He is visiting Dec. 9th with a bunch of other commits/targets and things seem to be trending our way after we hadn’t heard about him in a while. If Kahric Belle commits before Gwyn, I’m not sure what will happen, because we only have room for one more o-lineman.