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NC State adds guard Trey Parker to its 2023 recruiting class

NCAA Basketball: Campbell at N.C. State Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

Trey Parker’s commitment to NC State on Wednesday, right at the tail end of the early signing period, felt like it came out of the blue. For a top-150 player, his recruiting profile is oddly empty. Rivals shows other offers from Kansas State, Mississippi State, and Georgia Tech.

Parker, who is from North Carolina but is spending the year playing in Georgia, is a consensus three-star recruit. He has inspired some large disagreements in his evaluation, as there are services that rank him around 150 in the class, and others that have him in the top 75.

One thing everybody agrees on: he has loads of athleticism and likes to use it. I like the sound of this:

He is arguably the best athlete in the entire class and he uses it to his advantage on the court. He flies in transition, he dunks everything he can at just 6-foot-2 and he plays with tons of energy and a competitive edge.

Dunks everything he can, you say? Well you have my full attention. Dude also pulled this during a game:

Athleticism confirmed. Whew.

With Trey’s addition, Kevin Keatts has not one, but two Parkers! Wing Dennis Parker Jr. committed last month and also signed during the early period. (After he initially said he’d wait until the spring to sign.) I’m guessing the ‘23 class will stand at two members until we get to portal season in the spring.