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Former Utah center Dusan Mahorcic commits to NC State

The Pack makes its third addition via the portal.

USC v Utah

Look, everyone, a tall guy! Dusan Mahorcic, a 6’10 center who spent part of last season at Utah, committed to NC State on Monday afternoon. I say part of last season because he was suspended by the Utes for a violation of team rules in late January and was off the team two weeks later.

I don’t know what that was about, but hey. Tall man! Reboundy guy!

Mahorcic never did get on track at Utah, first suffering an injury that cost him eight games in December, then played in just seven games before his suspension. He generally struggled on the floor, but I don’t know how much we should take away from that, given the other stuff.

He had a very good season at Illinois State the year prior, shooting 58.8% inside the arc while rebounding well at both ends of the floor. He’s been an outstanding defensive rebounder in particular over the last two years, and that’ll be a significant help for NC State.

He isn’t a rim protector, and he can be a bit turnover-prone, but if he can shoot a solid percentage in the paint while continuing to draw fouls at a high rate, he should prove a pretty good addition.