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NC State blown out in Cameron, 95-60

Grant Halverson

In Mark Gottfried's first two seasons, he had an offense good enough to keep up or at least make outcomes look respectable when the opposition was burning his defense to the ground. That's not the case anymore and it will lead to results like this against one of the country's best offenses.

State actually wasn't bad from the field but finished -13 in the turnover category, which is a massive gulf in effective possessions. Duke had 13 more possessions end with a shot than NC State. Pretty damn tough to overcome that under any circumstances, and as the game progressed and the Wolfpack's rebounding effort faded, there was no way it could end well.

State is back home now for three straight, which gives the Pack and opportunity either to salvage the first half of conference play or send this season to a really unfortunate place. Let's see what they opt to do.