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Maryland vs. NC State preview: Oh hey we're back

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Maryland @ StatSheet
2014 Stats
2014 Roster
2014 Schedule

Maryland Offense 13-14
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 49.6 160
Turnover Rate 19.0 205
Off Reb Rate 36.9 36
FTA/FGA 38.4 226

After the Duke game I figured I would mostly ignore ESPN for a couple days in an effort to avoid any "highlights" of the "action." That extended well into today and I didn't even bother to look at State's schedule, figuring I had at least another day or two of freedom before we would be playing again. WELL THINK AGAIN, ME. The pain resumes Monday night, barely 48 hours after the blowout in Durham.

Actually, Maryland is not very good. The Terrapins will probably win anyhow, but they are not very good. I'm a little surprised Mark Turgeon hasn't been able to build more momentum in year three, though it's plain that the absence of Pe'Shon Howard is affecting everyone***.

(***This is untrue.)


Seth Allen (6-1, 190) -- It's hard to know what to make of Allen, who missed the bulk of the first semester with an injury. Since his return six games ago, he's been an aggressive presence at the offensive end, and his numbers in several categories are better than they were last season. Perhaps most notably for State, he's shooting 41.2% from deep.

Dez Wells (6-5, 215) -- Wells, on the other hand, is a known quantity after three years. He won't jump off the page--if he does, call a doctor, you're deathly ill--but he has the ability to contribute in a bunch of ways. Most of his points will come inside the arc, and rightfully so; he is a capable outside shooter, but that's in part because he doesn't take too many.

Jake Layman (6-8, 205) -- None of his stats matter because his hair game is unstoppable.

Evan Smotrycz (6-9, 230) -- His shots are split about 50-50 between twos and threes, and he has been an effective outside shooter throughout his career. He's also been a good rebounder.

Shaq Cleare (6-9, 265) -- You might figure that this large gentleman is the driving factor behind Maryland's rebounding numbers, but no, he really isn't. While he is dangerous at the offensive end, his defensive rebounding is surprisingly bad. He has trouble staying on the floor, too, averaging more than six fouls per 40 minutes.


Nick Faust (6-6, 205), Roddy Peters (6-3, 195), Charles Mitchell (6-8, 260), Jonathan Graham (6-8, 220). Faust is still capable of impressive displays of offensive skill; he's also still prone to long bouts with inefficiency. (But aren't we all.) Turnovers remain a trouble spot, while the outside shooting is a perpetual crapshoot. Good heavens he can do some stuff, though.

The best thing for Maryland about Allen's return might be that it relieves the pressure that was on Peters, who has a fine assist rate but also a horrifying turnover rate. He's a freshman; that'll happen. He isn't nearly the shooting threat Allen is, either.

Mitchell is just a brilliant rebounder--he's already haunting my nightmares.

Maryland Defense 13-14
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 48.3 118
Turnover Rate 19.0 139
Off Reb Rate 27.8 37
FTA/FGA 38.4 128

The Pomeroy Predictor likes State by one.