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T.J. Warren beats Georgia Tech, makes basketball look ridiculously easy again

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

T.J. Warren seems so comfortable in traffic, I almost forget that there are tangible entities trying to stop him from throwing a basketball through a hoop. I would miss 99% of the shots he takes, not just because I'm bad at basketball but also because all these large dudes flying at me would be distracting.

No number of large dudes flying around seems to bother Warren, which is what makes him great. Georgia Tech didn't respond to State's game-winning play poorly; Trae Golden switched off of Tyler Lewis to defend Warren as he moved around Lewis' kinda-screen, and Daniel Miller stepped up to help contest the shot. That's about all you could ask for under the circumstances.

They couldn't keep Warren from getting into his comfort zone, though, and he only needs a split second of separation to get a shot off. He's so good from the free throw line and in that I have to remind myself that his knack for scoring in this area is not a thing I can rightfully assume of anyone, Warren included.

Not that anything could stop me from assuming just that, because my brain has seen some stuff and respectfully disagrees with this particular bit of sound reasoning.