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Tweetcappin' NC State basketball media day

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

October means basketball season is starting to feel close. NC State will open its regular season schedule in a month and a half, and on Wednesday afternoon the team got together for its annual media day. Mark Gottfried touched on a number of topics during his time at the podium, and some of his remarks are below. Austin was in attendance for the event, so I'm sure he'll have more in-depth stuff later on.

See, that's why he's there. Exploring all the angles.

BeeJay Anya was a popular topic:

I can only imagine the restraint required to avoid caving in to ALL THE FRIED THINGS. Wendy's, Cookout, Bo's, McDonalds, Taco Bell ... you would pretty much just have to stare at the floorboards of the car as you went through that part of the street. Unless you're driving, obvs. Maybe BeeJay could get the headgear that horses use that blocks their peripheral vision. Focus on straight ahead, BeeJay! There is nothing to see anywhere else!.

BeeJay stands in front of the mirror going, "yeah, I would totally date me."

Recruiting never stops, Shawn. Recruiting never stops. Every cold tub has its own wireless network nowadays; that's a bare essential. Did you know that at Alabama, each individual locker in the football facility has three wireless networks? That's the cost of doin' business in today's recruiting environment. Okay they probably don't have all those networks, but shit, this is the school with waterfalls in its training area and an arcade in its players' lounge--so it doesn't seem all that far-fetched.