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Throwback with the Pack highlights: Red tops White in scrimmage, 27-20

If you missed the Pack's brief scrimmage on Friday night, here are a couple minutes of highlights. The Red team--anchored by Cat Barber, Ralston Turner, Kyle Washington, and BeeJay Anya--came away with a seven-point win, and I encourage you all to jump to any number of absurd conclusions based on this. Let your imagination take you on a journey!

I'm just kidding. You should not do that. The important thing is nobody got hurt. (Though there was a brief scare involving Barber and I think Anya that turned out to be nothing. Seems like Cat was always the guy taking the scary falls last season and he was never any worse for it, so I figure he must be invincible.)

The alumni game might have been the more entertaining of the two, if only because it was so much fun to see all these guys from different eras on the same floor together. Todd Fuller hitting jump shots from the elbow! Monte Towe draining threes! Chris Corchiani dishing to Julius Hodge! It's just like the dream I had where I invented a time machine to collect the greatest NC State players of all time, put them on one team, and bring it to the present. The difference being that Friday's game was played at old man speed.