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2014-15 preseason Pomeroy Ratings: NC State checks in at No. 60

Gregory Shamus

Basketball feels a lot closer all of the sudden. Ken Pomeroy released his preseason ratings on Sunday night, and they show the Wolfpack check in at No. 60, which puts the team ninth in the ACC. NC State finished last season ranked 55th.

The ratings for every D-I team are here--Duke is the preseason No. 1--and I don't think you need a subscription to the site in order to see them all. Some of the nuts and bolts behind Pomeroy's preseason ratings are explained here, if you are interested.

Based on the ratings, here's the projected order of finish in the ACC, with preseason ranking in parentheses:

1. Duke (1)
2. Louisville (3)
3. Virginia (8)
4. Syracuse (11)
5. North Carolina (20)
6. Pittsburgh (23)
7. Florida State (41)
8. Miami (57)
9. NC State (60)
10. Notre Dame (69)
11. Clemson (75)
12. Georgia Tech (96)
13. Wake Forest (104)
14. Boston College (134)
15. Virginia Tech (168)

The projections for State include a bit of a slide at the offensive end (from 25th in offensive efficiency to 48th) and some growth at the other end (from 125th to 88th in defensive efficiency). The system also expects the Pack to play a little faster. One caveat that might be significant in State's case is that Pomeroy's preseason ratings only indirectly account for transfers (again, see here for more), so they're not giving the weight they probably should to Trevor Lacey's addition.

What I'm saying is, we're going to win the championship.

Here are notable ratings among NC State's non-conference foes:

Purdue (40)
Cincinnati (46)
Louisiana Tech (49)
Richmond (51)
West Virginia (55)
Tennessee (61)
Boise State (64)

Purdue is expected to make a huge jump from Big Ten afterthought in 2014 to NCAA tournament bubble team in 2015, which is interesting. I'd guess that the Boilermakers' anticipated +57 leap in the rankings is one of the largest projected year-over-year improvements in the country.

Between the potential strength of the non-conference slate and the usual challenges in the ACC, the schedule is setting up to give the Wolfpack plenty of opportunities to state its NCAA tournament case, which is just what Mark Gottfried intended.