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ACC media day roundup: Mark Gottfried, Ralston Turner, and Kyle Washington meet the media

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Some items from the Wolfpack's ACC media day experience on Wednesday...

-- Gottfried hopes 'secret scrimmage' will help toughen Wolfpack for new season:

"Different years are different. I like the fact that this weekend we're going play and compete against guys that look like we look physically - same size and quickness. We're not playing against 6-foot-4 forwards and centers. We're going to be playing against an SEC caliber team and that's good for our guys."

Gottfried drops a Marathon Oil reference in there.

So somebody is definitely going to sneak into this scrimmage, right, people of Charlotte? Right? We demand knowledge we are not supposed to have!

-- Transcripts: Mark Gottfried / Kyle Washington and Ralston Turner

-- RIP Wolfpack not in Kyle Washington's vocabulary:

"The nation's like, rest in peace to N.C. State because T.J. Warren is gone," Washington said. "We're all college basketball players, and we all want to show what we can do."

You tell 'em, Kyle!

-- NC State moving on without Warren

-- Pack knows where to focus (NEEDS = MORE DEFENSE)