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Video: BattleCannon at NC State basketball media day

Clutch timing for the first BattleCannon episode of the 2014-15 season, because we all need the distraction today. Staats Battle and Chase Cannon made the rounds at media day, and as usual, produced some entertaining moments.


-- Abdul-Malik Abu, after pronouncing his name for the audience: "Like the monkey in Aladdin. Abu." Based on this brief interview alone, I think we are really going to like this kid. Next year, the athletics department should build a show around Abu and Lennard Freeman. This show must feature Freeman's pink bicycle. That's internet TV gold, I have no doubt.

-- Cat Barber is confident in his rapping skills: "If I wasn't playing basketball, I'd probably be famous right now."

-- Chris Brickhouse: "I talk about chicken breasts so much, I don't have time to say 'chicken breasts.' I say 'CBs.'" Following the Lennard & Abdul Show, we'll have Cooking With Chris Brickhouse, which will feature chicken recipes every single episode.