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NC State basketball game week is here woohoo

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to basketball game week, everybody! We are four days away from the start to what I think will be the most intriguing season of Mark Gottfried's tenure. This team has a lot of talented pieces, yet the prognosticators can't seem to get beyond "T.J. Warren is gone," and every way-too-early NCAA tournament projection I've seen excludes the Wolfpack.

I think they're wrong; I think this NC State team ends up better than the Warren-led version. There are so many different ways the coaching staff can go with this roster, which could theoretically run nine or 10 deep. I like what the Martin twins have the potential to add at both ends of the floor with their size on the wings. BeeJay Anya and Abdul-Malik Abu could combine not only to give State some extra scoring punch up front, but also to provide the genuine rim protector that State needs.

And maybe some of this:

When I was feeling bummed about football over the weekend, I watched this about 10 times and then everything was great.

Let's get this thing started already.