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Abdul-Malik Abu shows off his celebration skills

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

BeeJay Anya had his moments Thursday night; the dude set a school record by blocking 10 shots, after all. And the Martin twins managed to make an alley-alley-oop work. Still the best moment of the night, I would argue, was this Chase Cannon rebound and score:

Because Malik Abu cannot contain himself and it's great. The first kick is a trial run that sets him up for the grand flourish that Chase Cannon's rebound and score deserved. Abu showed precisely the correct amount of enthusiasm, which is impressive since he's only been on that bench for a few games now.


Sometimes I watch the bench's reaction to Cannon's score and I feel like every basket the Wolfpack makes from here on out can only be a letdown, but there's no way that this team has peaked before Thanksgiving, whether we're talking about the play on the court or the morale-boosting antics somewhat off to the side of it.