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Ralston Turner scores 33 as NC State beats Tennessee, 83-72

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Box Score

Four Factors NC State
eFG% 63.3 50.0
Turnover Rate 15.8
Off Reb Rate 30.8 24.3
FT Rate 75.6 26.7

72 63 114.3 131.7
NC State
83 63 131.7 114.3

NC State put Sunday night's unpleasantness behind it on Wednesday with an 83-72 victory over Tennessee that was led Ralston Turner, the one-man zone-bustin' machine. Nobody was happier to see Tennessee's zone than Turner, who finished the game with 17 three-point attempts. (He made eight of those.)

Trevor Lacey also was outstanding, finishing with 20 points on 6-8 shooting from the field. Lacey and Turner combined to attempt 22 of State's 26 three-pointers and accounted for all of the Pack's made shots from beyond the arc. Tennessee maybe could have tried a few things to give State's guards different looks but they are stickin' with Donnie Tyndall's pressure zone defense for better or worse, it seems.

There was an early adjustment phase for the Pack and Tennessee came out shooting well from three-point range (go figure), and those two things put State behind for most of the first 10 minutes. Turner started to heat up around that point, though, and the Wolfpack offense got cookin'.

After scoring 10 points through those first 10 minutes, NC State scored 29 over the next 10 and 44 in the second half. The Volunteers' defense didn't do enough of what it's gotta do in order for that team to be successful--10 takeaways is a rather paltry number by their standards, and it wasn't nearly large enough to alter the outcome.

The Pack led by as many as 17 points in the second half, but since we couldn't have this thing end easily (it's almost like the guys on the other team were trying to something), the Vols of course had a run in them that NC State had to fend off. Despite the fact that Tennessee shot unusually well from three (10-18), State was able to prevent the margin from reaching true oy-vey territory in the latter stages.

Tennessee needed some cooperation from NC State, but the Wolfpack's offense was just too good. So it's a nice bounce-back victory for State, and one it needed to have with West Virginia looming.