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Tennessee vs. NC State highlights: Hooray for dunks

Apparently it takes a local Time Warner and/or AT&T ESPN2 outage to turn NC State into a team that can complete alley-oops like they're nothing. That figures, doesn't it, that a bunch of people would suddenly lose the ability to watch the game and then some rare stuff happens.

What I suspect this means is that if you were one of the folks who had the game interrupted due to whatever shenanigans were responsible, then you are somehow at fault for numerous failed alley-oop tries in recent years. Yes, you. I don't know why or how this could be true, but just look what at what happened when you couldn't look at what was happening. (See above video.)

That's food for thought for the rest of the season. You like listening on the radio, right? It's retro. Well, think about it at least, would you? FINE. Keep watching games on TV and destroying State's alley-oop ability. YOU DO YOU YA JERK