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NC State 73, Louisiana Tech 65: Wolfpack overcomes 18-point second-half deficit to win

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Box Score

Four Factors NC State
Louisiana Tech
eFG% 46.6 44.3
Turnover Rate 13.6
Off Reb Rate 38.9 22.2
FT Rate 46.6 50.9

Louisiana Tech
65 66 98.5 110.6
NC State
73 66 110.6 98.5

Wait a minute. You are tellin' me that NC State, which was down by 15 at the break and 18 at a point in the second half, won a game by eight points? You are saying that right to my face? You expect me to believe that. Get straight out of town with affordable and efficient transportation, pal.

Somehow, all of that is true, and good lord what a clutch occasion for it. NC State couldn't let this portion of the schedule get away from them. Just as it looked like the Wolfpack was well on its way to making our fears reality, somehow it all turned around. Going to re-check the broadcast later to make sure I didn't hallucinate.

State's big run started after Louisiana Tech's Kenneth Smith put the Bulldogs up 50-32 with about 14 minutes remaining. By the time Cat Barber made a layup with just under 10 minutes to go, LTU's lead was only 52-50. The Bulldogs snapped out of their funk at that point and put a modest run together themselves, but State was determined not to let them get away for a second time, and they didn't.

NC State took the lead--its first of the night--on a Trevor Lacey three-point play with 4:25 to go. Louisiana Tech didn't have much offense left in it at that point, letting State pull away for the victory.

Kyle Washington had a crucial second half for the Pack, which finished 15-18 from the free throw line over the final 20 minutes. In general it was a tough night for Trevor Lacey from the field, as he was only 5-18 shooting, but several of those buckets came in the last 10 minutes to help bring the Pack all the way back.

I don't know how to react to all this. Way to save all of your bacons, team. Whew.