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Highlights from NC State's win over Wake Forest

(Video courtesy @theACCDN)

Trevor Lacey, lemme tell ya, Trevor Lacey has got some stuff. He has got some things that he can really do. The words are failing me as I am overwhelmed by all the stuff. Just love the dynamic he brings with being able to handle the ball when necessary, knock down tough jumpers, and finish at the rim the way he did on that sweet reverse layup against the Deacs. He is a fun player and I would like to applaud Mark Gottfried for recognizing this fact.

The highlights package from the ACC is missing one great moment from Saturday--I mean of course that one possession where BeeJay Anya decided he would bring the ball up the floor.

Oh you thought you could cause a problem by denying Cat Barber the ball, did you, fella? Well you thought wrong! BeeJay Anya had it all under control the whole time, never in doubt. In fact I've seen enough to promote him to No. 3 on the point guard depth chart.