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NC State blown out in Chapel Hill, 84-70

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

There really isn't much to recap because we've seen this over and over since Roy Williams arrived in Chapel Hill. The Wolfpack was beaten by double digits by the Heels once again, thanks to the combination of a horrible start, poor free throw shooting, and bad rebounding. I don't know what it is about the building, but State just can't seem to get comfortable there ... at least not before it's too late.

The Pack obviously started pressing the issue at the offensive end as the cold start extended, leading to some regrettable shots that compounded everything. Cat Barber still can't find any sort of offense outside of 15 feet, and his attempts to score in traffic around the rim ended disastrously on several occasions. But it's also clear why he gets the benefit of the doubt--in transition particularly, he's able to create some baskets State wouldn't have otherwise.

T.J. Warren was too quiet until the late stages, and Dez Lee didn't score until the second half. Forwards not named T.J. Warren finished  1-for-11 from the field. The fact that Barber ended up shooting 10+ times in the first half is not entirely on him; he needed someone else to wake up and join the basketball game, but that did not happen. Just a tough set of circumstances to overcome.

On the bright side, there is that second half, which saw the Wolfpack claw back to cut Carolina's lead to 10, and yeah that's about it. We did get this sarcasm-laden remark from Mark Gottfried, too: