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Revisiting Miami

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Offense In ACC Games
Four Factors Percent ACC Rank
eFG% 44.6 13
Turnover Rate 16.6 5
Off Reb Rate 32.6 10
FT Rate
37.8 8

What went right in the first meeting

  • T.J. Warren: I could say Warren was a positive for State in every game this season, but he was especially valuable against Miami, since only three other players made field goals, and only Ralston Turner made more than two. Warren was one of two dudes to make a shot in the second half. It's still a little baffling that we won anyway.
  • Free throw shooting: Warren finished 9-of-10 from the line, and Lennard Freeman hit both of his attempts in a rare display of accuracy. The Pack finished 15-of-20 as a team.

What was broke as heck in the first meeting

  • Two-point shooting: Warren was 6-of-10 inside the arc, while everyone else finished a combined 4-of-15, which includes a 2-of-2 effort from Turner. The Hurricanes actually finished the game with zero blocks, but they were still able to create problems for the Wolfpack inside. Damned zone defense!
  • Defensive rebounding: Miami shot under 40% in the game, but if the Canes had been anywhere near average in that regard, the 17 offensive rebounds they grabbed probably would have been the difference. This is an area where State can really put the squeeze on Miami ... just couldn't do it the first time around.

Do this thing here and we win, I promise, or your money back

  • Everyone fights, no one quits. Can't do nothin' about the crap that happened on Wednesday.
Miami Defense In ACC Games
Four Factors Percent ACC Rank
eFG% 46.4 3
Turnover Rate 16.1 11
Off Reb Rate 33.1 8
FT Rate
32.1 1