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T.J. Warren is the 2014 ACC Player of the Year

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

T.J. Warren is the ACC Player of the Year, and the margin wasn't close: Warren received 48 votes, while second-place Jabari Parker got 25. It might have taken a strong finish to solidify the honor, but it's well deserved in any case. Mark Gottfried announced the news in practice on Tuesday.

Warren's in-conference stats were completely nuts. He had a possession percentage of 34.7, tops in the league, and he took 38.5% of NC State's shots while he was on the floor, which also led the league.

Despite that burden, he posted a 55.6 effective field goal percentage. When he was a freshman, with a considerably lower workload, he shot 57% in conference play. Those are both good numbers--point is, efficiency typically dips as workload increases, and Warren somehow managed to score at pretty much the same level of effectiveness despite adding a piano to his back.

That does not happen a lot.