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NC State advances to ACC tournament semifinals with 66-63 upset over Syracuse

Streeter Lecka

Holy crap, you guys, how did that work out in NC State's favor? I'm still trying to process those last few minutes, which included a banked-in three-pointer from Ralston Turner and perhaps the most ridiculous final possession of a game that I've ever seen.

This seriously happened:

Syracuse got so many chances to score right there that the video doesn't even include them all. And the Orange missed several good looks--including a dunk! I don't know what to make of any of this, but I do feel privileged to have witnessed this level of failure from a team that isn't NC State.

NC State is on to Saturday to face either Clemson or Duke, but is that enough to get the Wolfpack to the NCAAs? No, almost certainly not. But the Wolfpack should at least start getting a bigger piece of the committee's discussion after this victory. But we can worry about that sort of thing tomorrow. For now, enjoy Syracuse's final possession, set to Yakety Sax.