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Highlights from NC State's win over Syracuse

As enjoyable as it is to watch the final possession again, it's even better to hear Jordan Vandenberg recount it, which he did to reporters following the game.

"I was like, 'what's going on here, I don't even know,'" he said at one point, perfectly capturing how everyone witnessing that bizarreness was feeling at the time.

This sort of thing makes me lament the fact that Vandenberg didn't get a chance to do interviews more often. The man obviously should have been brought to every single ACC media day during his career and I feel like there needs to be a "good interview" exemption for guys who might not be prominent players on the team but will offer up the best remarks. I mean, if you can't have Steve Spurrier at your media day, this is really the only way to spice things up a smidge.

Oh well, maybe someday, when I'm finally running the league.