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Printable 2014 NCAA bracket: Bring on the March Madness, and let's get guessing

Streeter Lecka

If you are still in need, SB Nation has made available a printable NCAA tournament bracket right here. And they were kind enough to list us as "NC State" and not "NCST" or some similar nonsense.

I'll toss in my annual public service announcement, which is that I highly recommend penciling in each team's Pomeroy Rating next to their names. There are a lot of factors to weigh that go beyond those ratings, but it can help you find some value spots, like, say, 5-12 or 6-11 matchups that are much closer than the seeding implies.

For example, sixth-seeded UMass (No. 52) will rank at least 25 spots below it's 11th-seeded opponent, be it Iowa (No. 27) or Tennessee (No. 13). For a First Four game, that's a pretty good matchup. Eighth-seeded Pittsburgh ranks 36 spots head of its opponent, ninth-seeded Colorado, which is down its best player (but beware the Jamie Dixon factor!). And fifth-seeded Cincinnati (No. 24) ranks a mere nine spots ahead of its first round matchup, 12th-seeded Harvard (No. 33).