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NC State's run ends with shut up don't talk to me

I don't want to dwell on the end, because I'm really thankful for this entire season. We should not have been here, by all accounts, but we were. Sometimes your flaws catch up to you. Sometimes the moment catches up to you. Sometimes you have to play a half dozen games in a week.

Good luck looking at that photo and not feeling a bit heartbroken. But you know, this was a hell of a year. It was discouraging and weird and great at the same time and T.J. Warren scored a lot of points. Damn we had fun, you guys.

I feel bad that it has to end here, that T.J. Warren had to finish his college career like this. With a team that could be great but also totally volatile, it's not necessarily surprising, but it is disappointing. Can't fault the effort, it just didn't work out. That's sports for you. Sports are awful.