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Tyler Lewis transferring from NC State

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

NC State announced Saturday night that point guard Tyler Lewis is opting to transfer elsewhere. Lewis offered a brief statement on the choice to move on:

"I'd like to thank NC State, my teammates and coaches and the Wolfpack Nation for the past two years," said Lewis. "While I will be finishing my career at another school, I will always be grateful for the opportunity at NC State.

There were rumors about a potential Lewis transfer last year and they extended into this season, but he found his place in the rotation during the latter half of the year and I was hoping that would be enough to encourage him to come back. Guess not. State doesn't have a point guard in its 2014 class, but maybe Lewis felt like ultimately he wouldn't be able to permanently claim the starting job from Cat Barber.

Whatever the case may be, I wish him nothing but the best wherever he lands. His offensive game never fully came together at State, but his incredible court vision was a hell of a thing to behold. Somebody's getting a great pure passer.

Say, uh, did Trevor Lacey happen to play any point guard at Alabama?