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Highlights of T.J. Warren's career night against Pittsburgh

I was trying to figure the best way to describe T.J. Warren's mid-range game, and it occurred to me that his shooting often seems careless, like he's just chuckin' that thing up there rim-ward, with no particular regard for what might happen. That's not at all the case, but the fact that it could seem that way, while working so well, shows just how talented and unique he is.

I mean, nobody's playing like this. I'm not talking about his recent hot streak; I mean that we hardly ever see this style of play in college hoops. Warren's got great touch, an ability to ignore distractions (contact), and a deceptive/quick release--he's not the first to possess all of these traits, but you'd be hard pressed to find anybody who's leveraged them more advantageously.

I'm gonna miss the floaters, the sorta-floaters, the pull-up jump shots, and everything else. I hope we can extend this season longer than another couple of games.