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T.J. Warren gets 42 and NC State tops BC, 78-68

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Box Score

Four Factors NCSU BC
eFG% 52.8 45.6
Turnover Rate 14.4 12.8
Off Reb Rate 44.8 31.4
FT Rate 50.9 35.1

BC 68 62.7 108.5 124.5
NCSU 78 62.7 124.5 108.5

T.J. Warren is putting one hell of a finishing touch on his legacy at NC State. After setting a career-high with an incredible 41-point performance on Monday, he scored 42 against Boston College on Sunday, leading the Wolfpack to victory after it had surrendered a double-digit halftime lead.

After a tremendous offensive effort in the first half, State stalled in the early parts of the second, letting the Eagles climb all the way back from a 42-31 deficit to make it a game. Warren started to take over once things got a bit hairy, and aside from scoring, he also picked up a couple of key takeaways and found Desmond Lee for a three-pointer late that extended the Pack's lead to 66-60. Warren also grabbed 13 boards on the night.

What can you say ... I mean, we've seen a historic week, as those earlier tweets make clear. I remember one moment in particular in the second half--there was a loose ball underneath the basket, and Warren was in there battling with a couple of BC players for the ball. He was sorta hidden behind them, and then all the sudden there he is with the ball, laying it in for a basket. The man has basketball magnets; I'm convinced of this. He is magic.

I don't want to take away from the contributions of the other guys, but it's impossible not to dwell on what Warren did this week. Eighty-three points in two games! Rodney Monroe was before my time, so I've never seen anything like this. Let's keep this thing going, because I'm nowhere near ready for it to be over.