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T.J. Warren, 'scoring savant'

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft isn't far off, but we still have plenty of time for some super hot scouting takes and general nitpickery, which are the bare essentials this time of year. TNT's David Aldridge recently spoke to college hoops coaches and NBA scouts and executives about the 2014 NBA Draft class, and T.J. Warren in particular:

"He's a scoring savant," said an ACC assistant coach.


"He's a professional scorer," an assistant general manager said. "Not a great 3-point shooter, but he can make the midrange jumper, the floaters. And he's a good enough athlete that he's a capable defender."

Warren also impressed NBA types by losing 20 pounds last summer, getting down to 218.

"He's an average to below shooter outside of 19 feet," one executive said. "Average to below average athlete. But he has an exceptional feel for scoring. His game is similar to Paul Pierce. He doesn't have the shooting ability (of Pierce) but he makes use of his craftiness."

Darn it, you guys, why didn't we think of the phrase "scoring savant" to describe T.J. Warren before some anonymous ACC assistant coach came up with it? On a side note--anonymity can only go so far, guy on Jamie Dixon's staff.