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2014 NBA Draft: Where does T.J. Warren land?

Gregory Shamus

With a little over a month to go before the NBA Draft, T.J. Warren appears likely to get picked somewhere in the 10-20 range of the first round, placing him just out of the reach of the league's terminally stupid franchises, which is by no means a bad place to be.

The Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls, and Boston Celtics have all been connected to Warren in various pre-draft speculation. The Suns are in the lottery but have the lowest odds of every team involved, making it likely they'll pick around 14th; the Bulls have picks at 16 and 19; Boston owns both a lottery pick and the No. 17 selection.

Warren met with the Celtics last week:

"It went really well. Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens, I really liked those guys. I had a fun time meeting with them (for 30) minutes. It went really good," Warren said. "Those are good guys. I enjoyed meeting with those guys. I understand I'm a high priority for them with scoring. I really, really enjoyed talking to those guys. I really like them a lot. ... Brad Stevens is an unbelievable coach."

The Celtics have made clear that their needs = buckets. Which particular variety of buckets will they ultimately opt for, though? That might depend on where they end up in the lottery. Regardless, there is an easy solution to the buckets issue.