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T.J. Warren's NBA Draft scouting report: A lot of teams are about to have a floater problem

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Draft Express' rundown of T.J. Warren's pros and cons, which you can see below, is thorough and for the most part accurate, though I would quibble with a few things, most of them on the con side. I should be his agent! (Call me, T.J.)

Aside from all the highlights, the statistical fun facts are the best part of the video. For instance, since 2002, only eight power-conference players under the age of 21 have averaged more than 27 points per 40 minutes in a season, and Warren is one of them. In case anybody needed a reminder about how special he was last year, that drives it home pretty well.

And according to DX's numbers, Warren made 46 floaters as a sophomore, a total that ranked second in the NCAA. Both of those numbers are impressive, but they are obvious forgeries. Warren made 526 floaters as a sophomore, a total that ranked first in the NCAA by a margin of 489 made floaters. I know this thanks to my precise and in no way selective documentation of his output last season, coupled with my all-knowing awareness of every floater taken by anyone everywhere. Clearly the man who put this video together works for [team that hopes Warren drops into the latter third of the first round].