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NC State basketball roster likely set for 2014-15

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Devonte Graham opted to go exist in Kansas for a few years, which was disappointing, but NC State still will have a lot of depth to work with next season. We just might have a scary possession here and there while Cat Barber is getting some rest on the bench.

Barring some surprise graduate transfer into the program, the roster will look like this:

1 -- Cat Barber / Trevor Lacey
2 -- Trevor Lacey / Ralston Turner / Dez Lee
3 -- Ralston Turner / Caleb Martin / Cody Martin
4 -- Kyle Washington / Lennard Freeman
5 -- Abdul-Malik Abu / BeeJay Anya

Even without an obvious second point guard on the team, there are a lot of ways the coaches can go with the lineup. That's a great place to be, assuming it can be managed, since keeping 10 dudes happy isn't the easiest task in the world. Much of the roster flexibility will depend on how ready the freshmen are to contribute from the start and how much the foundational sophomore class has improved. A ton of different looks are possible with this group, though, which should be fun.