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South Florida reportedly on NC State's 2014-15 basketball schedule

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Per Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports, NC State's men's basketball team will host South Florida in November. Yesterday news  broke that State's scheduled road game to Missouri was pushed back a year, and it's unclear if USF was added specifically to fill that hole in the schedule, or if it had been set for a while and the news just happened to leak Tuesday.

USF, which was the worst three-point shooting team in the nation last season, finished the year 12-20 overall and just 3-15 in AAC play, which is probably why the Bulls have a new coaching staff. The Bulls ranked 186th in the Pomeroy Ratings--for reference, that's a half dozen spots above Virginia Tech's final rank.

So this should be a good early-season warmup for a Wolfpack team that'll have plenty to sort out personnel-wise. And who knows, maybe that new coaching staff will have the Bulls surprising folks come league play and give us more of an SOS boost than we might otherwise assume. (That might be just a smidge on the wishful side of thinking.)