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T.J. Warren selected 14th in the NBA Draft by the Phoenix Suns

Mike Stobe

One of the NBA teams T.J. Warren worked out for in the leadup to the draft was Phoenix, and that must have gone pretty well since the Suns made Warren their first-round pick. Warren ended up a lottery pick, then, going higher than probably everybody's projections.

Here's some discussion about the pick from the ACC Digital Network (via @theACCDN):

I'd like to congratulate the Phoenix organization for an outstanding decision. If you're in the Western Conference meat grinder, you definitely want T.J. Warren, who most likely can blow up Tim Duncan's car simply by visualizing it. That's the first step to beating the Spurs for conference supremacy, with actually outplaying them on the court a close second.

In a lot of ways it's just hard to talk about Warren in this context because I'm going to miss seeing him in a State jersey, but at the same time, it's awesome that he's going to be dropping that floater in the NBA just a few months from now.