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NC State's non-conference basketball schedule by the numbers

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sp

Plenty can and will change, but last season's Pomeroy Ratings can at least give us an idea of the relative strength of the teams on NC State's non-conference schedule.

Below is a bit more on each non-conference opponent, sorted by how each team finished 2014 ranked in the Pomeroy Ratings. Yes, Tennessee really finished at No. 7. I also included each team's national rank in offensive efficiency, defensive efficiency, and pace.

2014 Pomeroy Rating Offense Rank Defense Rank Tempo Rank
Tennessee 7 17 19 323
Cincinnati 23 110 8 317
Louisiana Tech 34 78 26 18
West Virginia 68 26 154 94
Boise State 79 28 169 229
Richmond 93 192 48 298
Purdue 97 122 100 59
Wofford 182 257 108 339
South Florida 186 228 150 219
Charleston Southern 231 161 283 125
Hofstra 265 169 324 214
Jacksonville 294 198 338 44
Jackson State 307 334 206 144

The Pack's season begins with those bottom three, all of which will be replacing multiple high-workload players. Jackson State is losing a guy named Julysses Nobles, and that is not the sort of name loss you get over like nothing happened. I have been saying "I am Julysses!" aloud in a matter-of-fact fashion for the last five minutes and I feel 10 feet tall. Just lifted a car with one hand.

Those teams represent the gentle nudge into 2014-15 that Mark Gottfried is giving the Pack, but December is going to be a grind. (There's that Wake Forest game in December, too.) I've been really excited in particular about that Louisiana Tech matchup ever since that news surfaced in early July. Two top-50 teams that don't mind getting up-and-down? Yeah, sign me up for that please. That's gonna be a good time.