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Mark Gottfried accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

If you're not a regular on Twitter, you may not be familiar with the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has gone viral in the last few weeks. The challenge is intended to help spread awareness of ALS, and it works like this: you douse yourself in a bucket of ice water and challenge a few other folks to do the same.

Coach K recently participated, and Mark Gottfried took the plunge on Thursday after being challenged by one of his kids:

That shuffle over to the pool is priceless, though that clip left a bit of a cliffhanger since it didn't show Gottfried's landing in the water. Here is more complete video:

Gottfried challenged a couple members of his staff and Debbie Yow. That last nomination might hurt you during your next contract negotiation, coach, but I applaud the effort.

There's no telling where this might go next, but I hope someone makes sure that Jordan Vandenberg has to do it.