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Bobby Lutz, College of Charleston resolution should come this week

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

College of Charleston is likely to decide on a new head coach by the end of this week, according to Andy Katz and Jeff Goodman, clearing up what is hopefully the last bit of tension associated with the NC State basketball team's offseason. (There will be no injury-related shenanigans there will be no injury-related shenanigans there will be no injury-related shenanigans...)

Bobby Lutz interviewed for the Charleston job over the weekend but hasn't yet been considered the frontrunner for it. With interviews for the CofC job running through Tuesday, that obviously could change. The Cougars have little time to waste with practice getting started in late September or early October.

In addition to Lutz, Charleston is considering UConn assistant Karl Hobbs (you may remember him as the head coach of George Washington when State beat GW in a game about 10 years ago), Virginia assistant Ritchie McKay, Clemson assistant Earl Grant, Wofford head coach Mike Young, and former CofC guard Anthony Johnson, who retired from the NBA in 2010.