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The Charleston job search goes on: Is Bobby Lutz out?

Mike Ehrmann

Welcome to our latest installment of Hello, Charleston, And How Are You? The answer to that question now is nobody knows.  CofC is considering bringing back Bobby Cremins for the 2014-15 season, with Anthony Johnson on staff as the "head coach in waiting," set to take over the following year. Cremins coached the team from 2006 to 2012. Johnson is a CofC alum and NBA veteran.

NC State assistant Bobby Lutz is a candidate for the head coaching position, but based on the linked article, he might be out in favor of the more extreme (and baffling) Cremins-to-Johnson succession plan. Bringing back Cremins is probably not the right move for Charleston, but that it's being considered at all suggests that Lutz doesn't have a realistic shot at the job.

I'd expect Lutz to be with the Wolfpack staff this year, given those tea leaves. Then again, Charleston apparently sees a solution in Bobby Cremins where there is none, so who the hell knows what that school's administration might conclude next.