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NC State's full 2014-15 basketball schedule released

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC released dates and times for (almost) all of this season's conference games, and you can see them here. NC State's complete schedule is here.

Nine games still don't have tip times, and eight of those have yet to be picked up by a television network. Hopefully a few more games will end up on the tube--somebody at least needs to grab that Louisiana Tech game. The people of America need that game, though they may not know it yet.

NC State's conference schedule begins with a rough January stretch: Pittsburgh, at Virginia, Duke, North Carolina. Those four in a row followed by road trips to Florida State and Miami. If the Pack can split those games, we can start to feel better about the rest of the schedule, but there's a frightening chance State will put itself in a hole there, too.

Late January and February are much more forgiving, but also heavy on road trips. The Pack closes out the regular season with a home game against Syracuse. The Orange will be resuming their final possession of the ACC tournament since it has yet to end.