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The College of Charleston and Bobby Lutz saga rolls on, or maybe it doesn't, or possibly it could


In the brief time I've been following College of Charleston's basketball coaching search, nearly everything about it has been strange. First and foremost in that, y'know, the search is happening in August. The search was expected to conclude last week after interviews were finished, and then came the news that CofC was considering re-hiring Bobby Cremins, but only for one season.

Now this: the two coaches considered finalists for the job, Anthony Johnson and Mike Young, are out. They withdrew their names from consideration on Wednesday. Per CBS Sports' Gary Parrish, Johnson was in line for the job "barring a late snag in negotiations." The two sides managed to find a snag.

So what the heck happens now? Does Charleston turn back to that crazy Cremins idea? Is Bobby Lutz suddenly back in the picture? We know Lutz is one of a half dozen guys that CofC interviewed last week.

Your guess is likely as good as whichever dartboard Charleston officials will be using from here on out.

That effectively sums up where this search is right now. Could be, man. It so very could be. But also it might not be, in which case it won't be.


A trio of high-major assistants (four if you count UConn as high-major) interviewed, including Lutz.