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NC State women's basketball adds commitments to 2015, 2019 (!) classes

Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

Wes Moore is doin' some work lately on the recruiting trail, landing a 2015 player on Monday, and if you hadn't heard already, a 2019 player late last week. The class of 2019 player in question is Jada Peebles, who is the daughter of former NC State wide receiver Danny Peebles.

Kids committing to college while still in middle school isn't unprecedented--Danny is quick to note that Jada's favorite player did this as well--but it's still going to raise an eyebrow every time I see it.

It does on the surface seem a bit crazy, but I also understand that in a lot of cases it can make perfect sense. Peebles has grown up as a State fan. I did as well, and if you'd asked me where I was going to college the summer after seventh grade, I'd have said NC State without hesitating. I'd have said the same in fifth grade or third grade or whatever. And I did eventually go on to NC State and lead the basketball team to multiple national championships***.

Sometimes you just know where your future lies.

(***May have imagined this part.)