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Bobby Lutz a finalist for College of Charleston job; Earl Grant gets the gig

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday evening UPDATE ACTION: Earl Grant is indeed the guy. NC State will hang on to Bobby Lutz for at least one more season.

Original post is below.

College of Charleston's head coaching search appears to be nearing conclusion, but then again, its appeared that way before. Bobby Lutz interviewed again for the job over the weekend and has emerged as one of two finalists for the position, along with Clemson assistant Earl Grant.

Indications are that Grant is the frontrunner. Still no tellin' with the way this search has gone, though. Grant might take his name out of the running five minutes from now for who knows why. Just the way this thing's gone.

There is one complication for Lutz. Via CBS Sports' Gary Parrish:

The only problem for Lutz at Charleston is that sources have told that McConnell is facing internal and external pressure to hire a minority to replace Doug Wojcik,who was fired for cause earlier this month after multiple investigations uncovered allegations of verbal and physical assaults on players and staffers. McConnell was appointed the 22nd president of Charleston last March in a move that drew heavy criticism from students, faculty and the NAACP -- mostly because of his record of promoting Confederate history.

Well that's awkward. (Grant is African-American, by the way.)

Theoretically, it will all be over this week. I think I said that like two weeks ago, too.